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Own A Farm? Types Of Fertilizer To Use For Your Crops

If you own a farm and grow crops, the last thing you want is for your crops to have problems and not grow well. One thing you can do to prevent this from happening is by using fertilizer. Below are some different types of fertilizer you can use. 

Organic Fertilizer

Organic fertilizers are made from natural ingredients and are naturally produced. This may be fertilizer made from animal waste or there is plant-based fertilizer, such as compost. Compost is something you can make on your own if you do not have a large crop field. This is because compost is made from leftover vegetable and fruit skins and other products you throw away. You can also purchase bagged compost at fertilizer and feed stores.

This type of fertilizer is beneficial as you do not have to repeatedly apply it throughout the growing season as you do with other types of fertilizer. This means your soil will always stay fertilized to have healthy crops. No matter what you use the nutrients are gradually released throughout the growing season. 

This can also save you a lot of time and money especially if you have a large crop field. You will not have to worry about purchasing a lot of fertilizer throughout the year and taking the time to place the fertilizer on your crops. 

Phosphate and Potassium Fertilizers

Phosphate fertilizer is important as phosphate is a nutrient that your crops need to grow well. This nutrient helps make roots much stronger and makes the plant stems healthy and strong. If you have crops that do not have enough phosphorous, they will have stunted growth. Mix this fertilizer with the soil before you plant your crops. 

Potassium is important for strong roots. It not only makes the roots stronger but also helps them grow much deeper into the soil. This nutrient can also help prevent diseases that may affect your crops as your plants will be strong enough to ward them off. As with phosphate fertilizer, it is best to mix this in with the soil before you plant your crops. 

You may need to use both phosphate and potassium fertilizers, but this will depend on the type of crop you are planting. Do research or ask a professional to help you to ensure you use the right type. When choosing your fertilizer, you can choose from granular, powder, or liquid forms. 

Talk with a fertilizer store or a seller to learn much more about these fertilizers and other types that are available for you to use.